UV Care Smart Robot UV Vacuum 2.0
UV Care Smart Robot UV Vacuum 2.0
UV Care Smart Robot UV Vacuum 2.0
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UV Care Smart Robot UV Vacuum 2.0

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It's hip. It's smart. It's the best automatic robo-cleaner that you will ever have!⠀

Model Name

UV Smart Robot UV Vacuum 2.0

Model Number



Anti-Collision, Anti-Fall, Adjustable Fan Speed, Smart Memory Map Positioning, Auto Recharge

Navigation System

Gyroscope + SLAM

Number of Optical Sensors

31 Sets


Auto Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Border Cleaning, Manual Control, Suction Power Control, Pre Program Cleaning Schedule

3 Suction Power Settings

Silent, Normal, Strong

Suction Power

●       Silent: 1800 pa

●       Normal: 2150 pa

●       High: 2500 pa

Control Methods

Manual via Control Panel, Remote Control, Wi-Fi App, Voice Activated (Amazon

Alexa & Google Home Compatible)

Maximum Coverage Area

180 sqm

Dust Bin Capacity

600 ml

Dust Bin Filters

Primary Mesh Filter and HEPA Filter

Dust Bin HEPA Filter Grade


2-in1 Water Tank Capacity

300 mL

Water Dispensing Modes (via Mobile App)

●       I: Small Amount

●       II: Standard Amount

●       III: Large Amount

UVC Wavelength

253.7 nm

UVC Lamp Power

2 Watts

UVC Lamp Life

15,000 hrs

UVC Safety Feature

Lamp automatically shuts off when unit is lifted or flipped upward

Climbing Ability

1.8 m

Motor Type

Japanese Nidec Brushless Motor




ABS Plastic, Brush Finish

Charging Time (Full Charge)

●       Initial (First 3 Times): 12 hrs

●       Succeeding: 4-5 hrs

Run Time (Full Charge)

●       Vacuum: 1-2 hrs

●       Succeeding: 2-3 hrs

Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Battery Capacity

2000 mAh, 14.8 V

Charging Base Rated Input Power

11.4 Watts

Charging Base Rated Input Voltage

19V 0.6 A

Charging Base Output Voltage

19V 0.6 A

Charging Adapter Rated Input Voltage

100-240 V; 50-60 Hz

Product Dimensions (Smart Robot)

L-33 cm x W-33 cm x H-7 cm

Product Dimensions (Charging Base)

L-15 cm x W- 15 cm x H-15 cm

Product Weight


Box Dimensions

L-38 cm x W-14 cm x H-47 cm

Box Weight

5 kg


Php 22,500.00



SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) systems determine the orientation and position of a robot by creating a map of their environment while simultaneously tracking where the robot is within that environment. The most common SLAM systems rely on optical sensors.

Meanwhile, Gyroscope Navigation Technology ensures that the robot vacuum will take on an S-shape or zigzag route to fully cover a space.


  • All Floor Types
    Hardwood, Engineered Wood, Bamboo, Laminate, Linoleum, Tiles, Carpet, Stone, Vinyl, Marble
  • Playmats


  • Interchangeable Cleaning Cartridge System (Vacuum and Mop)
  • Innovative gyroscope and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology
  • Excellent Quad-Core Software
  • 31 Sets of High Precision Sensors
  • 3 Powerful Suction Options (Silent, Normal, Strong)
  • 3 Water Dispensing Modes
  • Multiple cleaning modes to meet multiple needs
  • Large 600 ml dust bin capacity and 2-in-1 water tank
  • Rotating side and main brushes for thorough and efficient cleaning
  • Anti-Fall and Anti Collision
  • Option to set cleaning schedule
  • Wi-Fi Compatible
  • Voice Activated through Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Applicable for any floor type
  • Automatic Recharge and Resume
  • Large off-road wheels for better traction
  • Easy to Use and Maintain


  1. 1 X Smart Robot UV Vacuum 2.0 Unit
  2. 1 x Charging Base
  3. 1 x Charging Adapter
  4. 1 x Remote Control (2 x AAA Batteries NOT Included)
  5. 1 set Dust Bin Assembly (Dust Bin + Dust Bin Side Cover)
  6. 2 x HEPA filters (1 installed inside Dust Bin, 1 extra)
  7. 2 sets Side Brushes
  8. 2 x Microfiber Cloth (1 installed on Mop, 1 extra)
  9. 1 x Cleaning Brush
  10. 1 x User Manual  


  1. Auto Cleaning/ Smart Clean

Description: The robot uv vacuum will map out the area once to plan its cleaning route. Then, it will commence  the cleaning process in a zigzag method. 

How to Set-up:

  1. Turn on the main switch.
  2. When the indicator light is “ON”, lightly press the “PLAY/ PAUSE” button manually on the unit’s control panel or press the “CLEAN” on the remote control 
  1. Spot Cleaning/ Focus Clean

Description: Recommended for areas where garbage is concentrated on one portion of the floor. The robot cleans using a spiral motion. Once finished, the robot will return to where it started. 

  1. Border Cleaning/ Edge Clean

Description: For indoor border cleaning. The robot cleans along the perimeter of walls and returns to the charging station once finished. 

  1. Manual Control

Description: For manual control cleaning

 How to Set-up:

  1. Using the remote control, press the arrow buttons to move the robot vacuum in any direction you wish. 
  1. Suction Power Control 

Description:  Adjust suction power level according to different floor environments.

How to Set Up:

  1. Using the remote control, press the “fan” buttons to set desired suction power 

          Note: Suction power can only be adjusted in automatic cleaning modes  


  1. Fully charge the unit for 12 hours (first 3 uses); succeeding charging time is 4 to 5 hours. 

          2 Ways:

    1. Via charging base
    2. Via power adapter 
  1. Remove the protective bumper strip
  2. Installed desired cleaning cartridge- Vacuum or Mop
  3. Turn on the unit by pressing the main switch on the side of the unit.
  4. For Vacuum (Dry Cleaning)

Choose desired cleaning mode and settings (Auto/ Smart, Spot/ Focus, Border/Edge, Manual) manually by the control panel, via remote control or via the mobile app.

 Other options include:

    • Pause

While cleaning, you may press the pause button on the control panel, the remote control or on the mobile app at any time.

    • Wake Up

After 3 minutes of being idle, the robot vacuum will go to “sleep” mode. Press any button on the control panel, the remote control or on the mobile app to wake it up.

    • Schedule

You may opt to schedule specific days and times for the smart robot vacuum to clean via the mobile app 

For Mop (Wet Cleaning)

    • Make sure that the microfiber mop cloth is securely attached to the cartridge.
    • Fill up water tank with clean water of up to 300 ml

***Option to add water-soluble cleaning solutions.

    • Press the start button to begin light mopping. Water dispensing mode can also be set via the mobile app. 
  1. Smart Robot will automatically return to the charging dock when it has finished cleaning.
  2. Shut Down: After the robot stops working press the start button for a few seconds.
  3. All indicator lights will turn off by then, which would mean that the robot vacuum has been shut down.
  4. Once done, you can turn off the main switch to completely turn it off.
  5. Before storing, empty the dust bin and wipe it thoroughly. Make sure that the water tank and microfiber cloth is also completely air dried.
  6. Store unit in a cool, dry, flat and sturdy place. Keep away from children’s reach.


  1. Ensure that the device is used only for the intended purpose. Any other usage NOT recommended by the manufacturer may cause damage to the user or device.
  2. Keep away from children’s reach. 


Thank you for purchasing our products, this product warrants being free of defects in materials or workmanship commencing upon the date of original purchase. 

If this product should become defective within the warranty period, we will provide outright replacement of the unit free of charge within one (1) year upon purchase. Kindly refer to your original sales receipt to validate start of warranty period. 

The following circumstances are not covered by warranty: 

  • Warranty has expired.
  • Malfunction or damage resulting from accident, incorrect use of the product (misuse, wrong voltage input, etc.) or failure to maintain or use the machine as instructed by the user manual
  • Unauthorized disassembling of the machine
  • Unauthorized repairs or modifications
  • Forced removal of the unit’s serial number 

For warranty claims, send a copy of this warranty receipt and proof of purchase along with the unit for repair to: 


  • 28 Mangga Rd. Cor. Aurora Blvd. Brgy. Kaunlaran, Quezon City 


For repairs, part replacement and technical support, please contact our service center: http://bit.ly/TheCleanRoom


  • HEPA filters
  • Side Brushes
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • UVC Lamp