Scrub Daddy - Sponge Daddy 3 Pack

Scrub Daddy - Sponge Daddy 3 Pack

Scrub Daddy
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  • Sponge Daddy 3 Pack

The Sponge Daddy is a combination of Scrub Daddy's well known FlexTexture® and ResoFoam® in a compact but powerful size for cleaning nooks and crannies in your home!

His ResoFoam® Side is 6x more absorbent than the leading brand and produces 60% more suds. Odor and stain resistance are an added bonus.

His FlexTexture® Side is firm in cold water for added power when the scrubbing gets tough. In warm water it softens for light cleaning jobs.

Multiple colors make it easier to avoid accidental cross contamination.#scrubdaddy #sponges #cleaner