Sacred all-in-one Sanitizer 100ml

Sacred all-in-one Sanitizer 100ml

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We understand how crucial it is to wash and sanitize your hands, and anything
around you. Specially when you’re going out which heightens your risk of exposure
to bacteria and viruses that cannot be seen by our naked eyes. However, washing
with soap and using alcohol more often literally strips o the natural lipids of your
skin which can therefore be painfully drying and dehydrating.
This is why we created Sacred all-in-one Sanitizer made with love for Moms and Kids
to help disinfect your hands, toys, surfaces and anything around you so you can enjoy

sanitizing anytime, anywhere because this is formulated with an all natural moisturiz-
er and enriched with benzalkonium chloride - known as an antimicrobial agent that

works by killing microorganisms and inhibiting their future growth. Now, you can use
this powerful sanitizer as often as you like without drying your skin!

The good stu?
Our Sacred all-in-one Sanitizer is lovingly made with 60% Ethyl Alcohol that is derived
from sugarcane which is a carefully processed plant source. Betaine, an all natural
moisturizer derived from sugar beet that contributes to skin protection not only by

protecting cells from dehydration, but also by preventing skin proteins from break-
ing down. Enriched with Benzalkonium Chloride which is known as an antimicrobial

agent that works by killing microorganisms and inhibiting their future growth.

How to use?
Just spray an ample amount directly on hands, toys, and surfaces around you. Let it
sit for about 3 minutes to prevent bacteria from spreading before wiping o. No need
to rinse with water.

1. What age can this be use?
Safe to use as early as 18 months old (with care) and beyond!
2. Are the ingredients rated green?
Betaine, which is the moisturizing active ingredient is green. However, Ethyl
Alcohol and Benzalkonium Chloride aren’t but are cosmetic grade and carefully
processed active ingredient which are the main reason this product existed -- to
kill and inhibit the future growth of bacteria and viruses that one is exposed to.
3. Is 60% Ethyl Alcohol sucient enough to kill bacteria and viruses?
Yes. Beacuse it has a synergistic eect with Benzalkonium Chloride known as
antimicrobial agent that eectively kills and inhibit the growth of bacteria and
4. Why use Sacred Sanitizer?

So you can clean your hands more frequently without drying them! The formu-
lation is combined with cosmetic grade antibacterial and an all natural moistur-
izing ingredient that would prevent your skin from stripping o its natural

moisture while keeping you away from bacteria and viruses. FDA Approved.
***Sacred Sanitizer is a travel size on-the-go that can be use anytime and
anywhere on your hands, toys, surfaces and anything around you!