Aller Plasma Sterilizer
Aller Plasma Sterilizer
Aller Plasma Sterilizer
Aller Plasma Sterilizer
Aller Plasma Sterilizer
Aller Plasma Sterilizer
Aller Plasma Sterilizer

Aller Plasma Sterilizer

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Aller Plasma Sterilizer is a multi-purpose family sterilizer that uses the Plasma

ionTube Technology. This no heat, no water, no chemical process is ideal for
any materials you want to sterilize. With the use of the advanced technology
called ionTube, it releases charged plasma or positive and negative ions. This
plasma cloud kills the microorganisms and destroys their reproductive
abilities. Through this process, it deactivates the DNA and kills 99.9% of
harmful bacteria on the surface.

Advantages of using Aller Plasma Sterilizer
✔️ Low temperature, no heat process making it ideal for delicate items.
✔️ No harmful chemicals used to sterilize.
✔️ Non-damaging and gentle to any materials.
✔️ No consumables. No need to replace anything.
✔️ No harmful radiation produced when sterilizing.
✔️ Non-toxic to humans.
✔️ Environment-friendly.
✔️ It can thoroughly sterilize any material in any shape.
✔️ Ideal for heat sensitive materials like plastic, silicone, leather, wood,
textiles, etc.
✔️ Consumes only 7 watts of power

What can you sterilize with Aller Plasma?
✔️ All types of toys and baby stuff
✔️ Pillows
✔️ Shoes
✔️ Underwear
✔️ Linen and beddings
✔️ Leather bags
✔️ Mobile Phones and Gadgets
✔️ Makeup brush and other cosmetics

Warranty: 1-year Limited Warranty
1) Limited one (1) year warranty valid only in the Philippines.
2) Warranty covers any manufacturing or technical defects, excluding
3) Warranty form should be emailed to within
thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. Failure to do so will lead to
warranty being null and void.
4) Warranty is void if repairing without our consent or warranty seal is
5) Warranty does not cover faults resulting from:
- Normal wear and tear.
- Careless handling or not following user manual.
- Electric shock.
- Rough handling, alteration, and/or modification.

Product Maintenance
✔️ Clean the surface of the box with a damp cloth (inside and out) every 1
to 2 weeks, depending on usage.
✔️ Refrain from dropping the sterilizer box cover and/or hitting it with hard
or sharp objects.
✔️ Please do not leave the power cord plugged in overnight.
✔️ When sterilizing, make sure the box is not filled to the brim in order to
leave space for the plasma (ionized air) to circulate inside during the
sterilization process.