Oogiebear Baby Booger Picker - Single
Oogiebear Baby Booger Picker - Single
Oogiebear Baby Booger Picker - Single
Oogiebear Baby Booger Picker - Single
Oogiebear Baby Booger Picker - Single

Oogiebear Baby Booger Picker - Single

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We take our boogers seriously! Safely & effectively remove stubborn sticky mucus and dry boogers from little noses with the oogiebear® baby booger picker tool (great for little ears too!).

The patented bear head design ensures that the ends will not go too far into their nose and the curved rubber scoop and loop are specially created to be gentle enough for your baby!


What is oogiebear?

What sets oogiebear apart from the rest?

oogiebear is the original and only infant booger picker on the market that effectively and safely removes sticky and dried boogers from babies’ nostrils. This small but mighty tool is a booger picker that goes a long way. oogiebear’s patented features and carefully crafted design make it perfect for removing any blockages in baby’s nose or ears. Let’s take a closer look at oogiebear’s design!



oogiebear’s patented curved loop and scoop ends

The simple magic behind oogiebear lies in its patented curved loop and scoop ends. The curve mimics a fingernail, but is a big improvement on the traditional finger method by offering two unique ends that can remove boogers and ear wax easily. This is what sets oogiebear apart — the perfect combination of the loop and scoop ends with a curved design specifically made for removing boogers. The loop end is perfect for sticky boogers, and the scoop end has you covered for those dry crusties. oogiebear is truly like nothing else.


Why does oogiebear work?

When Nina designed oogiebear, she took everything into consideration. oogiebear is made with premium soft rubber that provides both grip and comfort for the parents who are using it. The soft texture makes it comfortable for babies, too! You won’t have to worry about hurting your baby — oogiebear makes booger and earwax removal an easy (dare we say...fun?) endeavor. oogiebear comes with the promise not only to clear little noses and ears, but to do it safely, effortlessly and in a way that has both parents and the baby they love in mind.

When we say everything was taken into consideration, we really mean it - oogiebear is the perfect size for little noses and ears! A small glance at our booger picker might make you wonder how something so small can even work. But that’s WHY it works!

oogiebear needs to be small enough to twist and turn inside the baby's nose. Other baby nose cleaning solutions are bulky and large, and they poke and prod at the baby. oogiebear’s patented bear head design and small handle make sure it won’t go too far into the baby's nose. Not to mention, oogiebear’s friendly bear design won’t scare babies!



More to love about oogiebear — the original booger picker

Unlike aspirators, the oogiebear is an easy-to-use baby booger removal tool that doesn’t require you to finagle parts together. This is especially important when you need oogiebear on-the-go or have a fussy baby to calm. Cleaning your oogiebear is simple - just wash it with warm soapy water and let it air dry. oogiebear is fast, practical and effective. When your baby is uncomfortable, you want to relieve their discomfort as quickly as possible, and that’s exactly what oogiebear does.

oogiebear’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there! oogiebear-brite is our second generation of the oogiebear booger picker, which now includes an LED light. This tool lights up with one touch, illuminating the inside of the baby's nose. With two interchangeable tips, the oogiebear-brite has you covered for both dry and sticky boogers. When you’re on-the-go, protect your oogiebear-brite in the included storage case.