Mideer Fantasy Ocean
Mideer Fantasy Ocean

Mideer Fantasy Ocean

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- The Fantasy Ocean will satisfy children's curiousity and children can get a close look at it

- Content in Box

- Water Tank X 1

- Background Picture X 1

- Sticker X 1

- Growing Solution X 2

- Stick X 2

- Crystal block X 4

Warning: Not suitable for children under 6.

The experiment must be made under the supervision of parents.

Do not allow chemicals, crystals or solution to come in to contact with any part of the body, especially the mouth and eyes.

If the Liquid touches your skin, please wash it with soap.

If it's accidentally swallowed, drink lots of water or milk and go to see a doctor immediately.

If the liquid touches clothes or furniture please wash them with soap.

Please keep the experimental apparatus out of the reach of children under 6.