Kindee Mosquito Repellant Liquid Vaporizer Refill

Kindee Mosquito Repellant Liquid Vaporizer Refill

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Kindee Electric Mosquito Repellent Liquid Vaporizer (includes 1 bottle liquid refill)

Repelling mosquitoes with natural fragrance of Citronella, Eucalyptus and Lavander. Has a mild and relaxing scent which helps babies sleep better!

Safe even for newborn and pregnant women! Non-toxic.

More convenient with 1 meter wire that can be pulled in.

Travel size. 1 bottle liquid refill can last up to 30 days when used for average of 8 hours a day (total of 240 hours!).

Suitable for rooms with sizes of 13-15 square meters.

 🌱Standard Export from Japan

👶Safe even for new born

✅Natural and Organic Ingredients

✅No Fragrance/ Perfume (Natural scent)

✅No Parabens

✅No Deet

✅Hypo-Allergenic Tested