Kidsme  Silicone Sac for Food Feeder Plus  -2 Pcs

Kidsme Silicone Sac for Food Feeder Plus -2 Pcs

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KidsMe Food Feeder Plus - 2 pcs.
Package including 2 pcs of silicone dummies, which fits KidsMe Food Feeder Plus. Perfect when you want more dummies for Food Feeder or replacement of old dummies.

Can only be used with KidsMe Food Feeder Plus. The smart silicone dummies allow the child to sit and eat themselves. The baby can chew on the dummies and get the food out through the holes without the risk of getting the food stuck down the throat.
Try different foods such as strawberries, cucumber, boiled fish and the like. Chilled/frozen food in the dummy means that the dummy can be used as a bite ring, to relieve sore gums.
KidsMe Food Feeder Plus is extra large and contains twice as much as Food Feeder.
Recommended age: From 6 months
Measurements: 5.5 cm
Color: Transparent

KidsMe Food Feeder Plus silicone dummies can withstand the dishwasher or washed by hand and sterilized.
100% free of PBA.
Model: Food Feeder Plus, Style: 160360, Color: Clear