Kidsme Food Squeezer - 2-Pack - Cross Holes

Kidsme Food Squeezer - 2-Pack - Cross Holes

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Silicone dummies for KidsMe Food Squeezer - 2 pcs with cross-holes. Perfect for liquid food.
The package comes with 2 pcs of silicone dummies that fit KidsMe Food Squeezer. Perfect when you want more dummies for Food Squeezer or just to replace the old ones.

These can only be used with KidsMe Food Squeezer. The smart silicone dummies enable a child to try different liquid and semi-liquid food such as puree, porridge or smoothie. For semi-liquid food, the dummies fit with round holes and for liquid food, there's a solution with crosses.

The child can use the KidsMe Food squeezer on its own. The silicone handle is easy for the child to hold and the child can sit and enjoy sucking the food out. A cosy and safe way to eat and get vitamins and minerals. With Food Feeder, the child is motivated to eat by himself and explore food.
Recommended age: From 4 months
Measurements: 4 cm
Colour: Transparent

KidsMe Food Squeezer silicone dummies can withstand the dishwasher or can also be washed by hand and sterilized.
100% free of PBA.
Model: Food Squeezer, Style: 160365, Colour: Transparent