Fizz Wizz Wipes
Fizz Wizz Wipes
Fizz Wizz Wipes

Fizz Wizz Wipes

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FizzWizz Wipes are 100% safe, all-natural and non toxic ~ apply liberally and confidently! As a perfect compliment use FizzWizz all-natural cleaning tablets to clean the inside of any bottle or sippy cup.

Instructions for use:
1. Simply pull out a wipe from our re-sealable package and apply in and around the desired object until all residue is removed.
2. Clean the exterior of any bottle, nipple, pacifier or baby toy

• Hypoallergenic,
• Paraben free, alcohol free
• Biodegradable
• Food grade preservatives
• Soothing chamomile scent
• Naturally derived ingredients
• Made in the USA