Eucapro Antibacterial Eucalyptus Essential Oil 60ml

Eucapro Antibacterial Eucalyptus Essential Oil 60ml

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  •  Natural eucalyptus oil BP Grade
  •  Naturally cleans, freshens and deodourize
  •  Add to laundry wash to provide a clean fresh
  • smell of the eucalyptus fragrance
  •  Fresh, longer lasting fragrance
  •  Excellent multipurpose cleaner
  •  Use as an antiseptic, colds, flu, aches and pains
  •  Great for removing stubborn stains, grease marks on clothing, carpet, sofa, and soft toys
  •  Removal of Adhesive Labels, Chewing Gum &amp, Tar Marks on Cars
  •  Kills 99.99% Germs

A pure natural premium quality eucalyptus oil (BP Grade) with a fresh clean fragrance. Eucapro Eucalyptus
Oil has many medicinal and household uses. It helps relieve cold and flu symptoms. It gives soothing relief to
arthritic and muscular pain. It is a natural cleaner, air freshener, disinfectant, and deodorizer.
Eucapro Eucalyptus Oil BP is 100% pure natural pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil. It is produced
without pesticides or fertilizers. No artificial additives, aromas or flavorings are added.

Directions for Use:

Kills Germs & Bacteria
For the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen, Eucapro Eucalyptus Oil is a great natural alternative to harsh
chemicals. Add a cupful to a bucket of water for mopping the floor and cleaning surface area. Also removes
unpleasant odors and kill germs – pour a cup full of eucalyptus oil and pour it into the sink or toilet bowl.

Cold and Flu
Add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to the bowl of hot water. Cover head with a towel and inhale vapors to
help relieve cold and flu symptoms.
Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a handkerchief or tissue to blocked nose and inhale gently.

For children’s cold – Massaging Eucapro Eucalyptus oil onto the child’s chest and back will assist to clear
the air passage and make it easier to breathe. For children with tender skin, it is recommended that
eucalyptus oil is to be diluted with a carrier oil such as Olive or other vegetable oil.

Muscular Aches and Pains
For the relief of muscular aches and pains, sprains and strains. By gently massaging Eucapro eucalyptus
oil on the affected area will provide soothing relief and reduce swelling. Repeat at intervals until pain or
swelling disappears.

Head Cold and Flu
Insect Bites – apply directly to the area will provide quick relief from the pain of the insect bites.

Gum and Glue Remover
Eucapro Eucalyptus oil quickly removes chewing gum from shoes, floors, and hair. It is particularly good
for taking off adhesive labels without damaging the surface. It is a painless method for removing sticking
plaster from the skin.
Can be used on windows and mirrors to clean finger marks.

Household Uses:

Hand cleaner – apply to hand for cleaning hand and skin of unpleasant smells, or greasy hand.

Spot and Stain Remover – Place a few drops of Eucalyptus oil onto a moistened cloth and by
brushing towards the center of the stained area. It is recommended to carry out a test patch before
use – in general, Eucalyptus oil does not stain or smear material.

Laundry Wash – pour 1 to 2 cupful's of eucalyptus into the washing machine – will provide clean
eucalyptus smell on your washing.

Floors, bathroom, and toilet cleaner - Add a teaspoon of Eucapro Eucalyptus Oil to a bucket of
water when moping or washing floors. It's great for removing unpleasant odor as it is great for
cleaning and deodorizing at the same time and leave a pleasant eucalyptus smell.

DIY Eucalyptus Spray - Add a cupful of eucalyptus oil to a spray bottle and add 1-2 squirts of
dishwashing liquid to this mix then top it up with water. Use it as a spray on the following:
 For dustbin and cooktop – Great for removing unwanted odor and kill germs. On the
cooktop, area to remove oil and grease from the cooktop.
 Around the house on sofas, carpets, and children soft toys.
Insert repellent – apply the above spray mix around the house to deter insects, bugs, and
Pet Areas - apply the above spray mix for freshening and deodorizing pet areas and to remove
unpleasant odor's. Also, deter bugs in the pet area.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive skin. Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool place, Do not expose to direct sunlight, open flame and keep out of reach from children.
Use only as directed in the label. If symptoms persist see your doctor