Ecomom Sterilizer
Ecomom Sterilizer
Ecomom Sterilizer

Ecomom Sterilizer

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How to use:

1. Wash the bottles or accessories in warm soapy water and rinse well.

2. Shake off the excess water before placing inside the unit.

3. Load bottles or items you want to sterilize. Make sure that the items are spread apart evenly to maximize the exposure to the UV light.

4. Select the touch button: Choose the 3rd touch button for automatic cycle of 35 minutes. Or double tap for 55 minutes of cycle.

5. Press the button again if you feel the need for an additional cycle.

 Using the sterilization-only option (leftmost button): 15 minutes or 25 minutes of sterilization process. This cycle is recommended for items that do not need drying or are sensitive to heat and moisture such as remote controls, cell phones, electronics, certain toys or other personal items.

 Note: Always shake off the excess water inside the bottles, pump parts, etc. Always place your bottles or sippy cups facing up the UV light. For maximum sterilization, replace the UV light once a year.

Age to be Used: 0+ MOS

Dimension: W32.5 H40.3 D34.0

Materials: Main body, Storage Shelf, Cord, Instruction Manual, 4w Lamp

Color: Blue, Pink and Green

Type of packaging: Carton Box