Crontol Freak Mosquitos Citromint 200ml

Crontol Freak Mosquitos Citromint 200ml

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Mosquitos Citro Mint 200ml

Blend of citronella and peppermint essential oils to keep mosquitos at bay

  • Control: Mosquito
  • You do not want to be a walking buffet.
  • DEET-free and organic
  • Safe and recommended for everyone, even kids.
  • Made with care and the need to control these pests.
  • Spray on skin or clothes.
  • Reapply after 2-4 hours or as needed.
  • Spray generously.
  • SHAKE WELL before use.
  • Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Citronella Oil and peppermint, Witch hazel, Vanillin, coconut oil.