Babymate - Wireless Armpit Thermometer
Babymate - Wireless Armpit Thermometer

Babymate - Wireless Armpit Thermometer

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BabyMate - Wireless Armpit Thermometer

Newborn baby occasional night fever, the parents need to detect baby temperature whole night, almost cannot sleep well, Babymate wireless armpit thermometer can help the parents all night, through the temperature monitor at any time to know baby temperature, there is a 38ºC alert hint, let the parents real-time help baby to bring down a fever. It also can be a  room thermometer and monitor baby room temperature. The distance between the temperature monitor and the armpit patch is around 10 meters without barrier, 6 meters with one wall barrier, which cannot penetrate the two-wall barriers.

  • Fahrenheit and celsius switching function
  • Fever alarm (38ºC), keeping to send alarm if the temperature keep on rising 
  • It can be a room thermometer 
  • Armpit thermometer falling alarm
  • Comply with Medical CE