Charli Chair bath 2 in 1 baby bath chair
Charli Chair bath 2 in 1 baby bath chair
Charli Chair bath 2 in 1 baby bath chair
Charli Chair bath 2 in 1 baby bath chair

Charli Chair bath 2 in 1 baby bath chair

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Aside from the three-level height adjustment and multi-position recline, the Charli Chair 2-in-1 has the added bath option for those moms who prefer their bubs submerged in water whilst still remaining in the upright position. Its sleek, lightweight aluminum frame design allows you to maneuver the chair effortlessly. It is also designed with a nonslip seat surface, rubber feet, and a 5-point adjustable safety harness.

Charli Chair is 100% Australian designed, Australian engineered and owned. It has been featured in several media channels, including Shark Tank.

Why Charli Chair?
- No more sore knees or backache from bending, kneeling or lifting
- Ideal for Moms with back problems or a c-section
- Lets Mom and baby bathe together for a stronger bonding experience
- Easier to bathe reluctant toddlers and children with disabilities
- Great for asthmatic babies who benefit from shower steam
- Perfect for infant bathing in places with no bathtub
- Encourages kids to love showers right from birth
- Quicker and uses less water - so you save time, money, and the environment

Functional Design
- Three-level height adjustment between 83cm and 93cm
- Multi-position recline capsule
- Easy access to release water & refill
- Suitable for ages/sizes from newborn up to toddler of 17kg
- Portable that it can be used everywhere
- Works with adjustable and fixed shower heads

- Fully tested that meets all Australian, European and US safety standards
- Five-point adjustable safety harness keeps baby safe while still letting you wash backs and bums
- Rust-proof corrosion-protected legs

How to assemble?
1. Extend legs at its maximum length.
2. Attach legs to the base.
3. Attach the capsule to the legs.
4. Secure capsule & legs with its locks.

How to Use?
1. Turn the water tap on.
2. Check the water temperature.
3. Put the baby in the Charli Chair.
4. Attach and adjust the harness.

Dimension (LxWxH): 56 x 45 x 98 cm
Product Weight: 3kgs
Weight Capacity: Up to 17kgs
Product of Australia
Local Warranty: 1 year