Mambobaby Armbands Floater (Set)

Mambobaby Armbands Floater (Set)

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We design and manufacturer Mambobaby non inflatable ring float . Supplying the safe arm floats to all over the world. This float are suitable for baby spas, baby massage, indoor and pools outdoor, but not for open water in river.

Let your baby enjoy the pool with our unicorn arm floaties.

Name: Air Free Armbands 5
Item Number:B506-02
Age: 3-6 years old
Material: Solid Pearl Foam (inner liner) Polyester washable (cover)
Color: Pink
Size: 43*16*10cm
Weight: 0.81 kg

Product description:

Mambobaby unicorn arm floatie is designed to offer a safer and more comfortable swimming training experience. Meanwhile, Mambobaby arm float has a patented solid pearl-foam inner in the float underneath the soft and skin-friendly fabric cover. The most important is this solid inner adds stability to the float in the water, which is no need to inflate, avoid the risk of air leakage, and improve the life span of the float.

This outdoor swimming arm rings is fit for children from 15-30kg. Especially suitable for babies who are 3-8 years. There is an adjustable buckle at the back to suit different sizes of children. If necessary, you could tighten up to avoid any slipping. It helps move freely in a comfortable position. There are three colors available for your choosing, that is, pink, blue and green.

In addition, the soft fabric, adjustable strap keep your child comfortable in and out of the water. Furthermore, baby armbands floaties make a wonderful baby shower gift for new parents, allowing them to bond with their child in the water as he or she grows. With Mambobaby floats of safe and comfortable features, your child won’t want to leave the water! They will be very happy wearing it and have fun in the water with the help of Mambobaby swimming unicorn armbands set.


Never leave a child in a pool float without an adult’s supervision. This kind of unicorn arm floaties are not life vests. They are just for fun! Keep your kids in your sight.